Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Overcome the Disappointments in Life

Day by day i feel like my relationship with God is even closer. Every single occasion i experienced makes my heart says that He is so wonderful and i'm so thankful for the changes i have in my life.

Today i learned something from Pastor Joel Osteen from Lakewood Church in the States. Although some people don't like him, but i do believe that God use him to motivate and let us be closer to Him without pushing us in the religion but to live our life in peace and thankful :)

The thing i've learned today is about 'How to Overcome the Disappointments in Life.' 
I picked some important sentences from him to be shared:
1. Of course we have disappointments in our past, but don't being over bored! If you're still feeling sorrow, it means something wrong with you.
2. Say this: "I'm Moving On in My Life!"
3. Quit wasting your time trying to figure out something that you can't change! What's done is done, and let the past be the past. Quit dwelling on it and move on with your life. Focus on what you can change.
4. Don't let the enemy keep where you are, you've gotta let it (the disappointments) go.
5. Don't let the regret of yesterday destroy the hope of tomorrow.
6. The mercies of God are fresh & new every single day.
8. Because of guilt, you're going back and trying to correct everything you've done wrong.
10. The more you dwell on this disappointments, the more you block God's blessing that coming into your life.
11. God always has another plan
12. Have a fresh attitude, start moving on with your life and DON'T GET STUCK IN THE OLD!
13. Don't bring all the pains, disappointments, hurts of the past into the present and destroy the future.

That's all i have for today. Be blessed!

Friday, October 4, 2013


One beatiful city in Germany i visited yesterday was Tübingen.
Just look at these pictures i took.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Laptop Softcase

Hey all.... finally, after 3 months i didn't have laptop, now i get my new laptop and the thing i wanna share is about my laptop softcase.
I worked as a part timer at the boutique which sell the clothing products from Spain and Italy such as these brands:

So, my last day worked at that place, i just bought a new laptop for my self and the day before i talked to my friend about the laptop softcase that i need right now. I wanted to buy it, but i need to save my money for something more important. Short story, i looked at the stock at that boutique and i saw this softcase. I asked my boss if She wants to sell it, and she said it's a gift aaaannndd.. she said i can get one of them! Woooww :D God really hears me the night before and He gave the gift at the right time for me. I'm so happy. Even i can feel my happiness until today.
Thanks to my boss and my colleague who really kind to me these months.

If you are in Kaiserslautern, come and see more clothing products at this boutique.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Pecel - Indonesian Cuisine

Since i had so many events with foods nowadays, so this is the good opportunity to write about food on my blog. 

First, i started with an Indonesian food and we called it 'PECEL'. 
Pecel is actually a kind of sauce based on chillies, peanuts, tamarind and coconut sugar. We eat this sauce with some boiled vegetables. Just pour the sauce on vegetables and the food is ready! 

Here are the ingredients i quoted from Indochine Kitchen

For Vegetable Salad
100 g red and white rice crackers, fried till fluffy150 g tempeh, deep-fried and sliced thinly150 g tofu, deep-fried and cut into cubes150 g beansprouts, blanched1 cucumber, quartered and sliced thinly150 g long beans, cut into 3 cm length150 g cassava leaves, boiledOil for deep-frying

For Peanut Sauce
2 shallots
1 garlic
25 g red chilies
10 g Thai bird's eye chili
5 kaffir lime leaves
20 g kencur (or lesser galangal)
10 g tamarind pulp
1 g shrimp paste
120 g gula merah (palm sugar or gula melaka)
300 g peanuts, deep-fried
1 tsp salt
Oil for deep-frying

Heat oil in a wok. Deep-fry peanuts till golden. Grind till coarse. Set aside.
Deep-fry chilies, shallots and garlic till wilted, about 2 min
Combine kaffir lime leaves, salt, kencur, chilies, shallots and garlic in a mortar and pestle. Grind to coarse paste.
Add tamarind pulp, palm sugar and shrimp paste in the mortar and pound till fine.
Add the peanuts. Mix well.
Remove the paste and keep in airtight container till serving.
To serve, add 1 cup of warm water to dilute 1 cup of peanut paste in a bowl. Pour on top of vegetables.

Well, that's the perfect idea to make Pecel. Since we already had the peanut sauce and some vegetables is difficult to get in Germany, then we just prepared some modest vegetables we could find and pour the peanut sauce on it. We ate Pecel with rice and Indonesian chips *well, the chicken is actually not supposed to be there* :D

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Night Market in Kaiserslautern

a few days ago i went two times to a night market in Kaiserslautern. I have had a post about this too last year or the last two years ago. We called this night market as 'Kerwe' and long time ago i thought it was 'REWE' hahaha.

Well, this time i went with a lot of friends, they come not only from Kaiserslautern but also from another city near Kaiserslautern. The favorite game we played was Bom Bom Cars. That's really fun to play together with friends.

Here are some Photos which was taken by Alissa.

we were hit by them!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MyZeil Frankfurt, Germany

The first time i came here, it was just amazing. I didn't plan to find this building, but my friend and i just wanted to find a shopping center and we called it 'Primark' (i know some of you know this). On our way to that place, i saw this awesome building and i remembered that my friend has posted a photo of this building long time ago (he is an architect though). And now, i already went into this building. It's so beautiful. We went there on Sunday, so there's quite empty there, and i think that's the perfect time to enjoy the architecture and made some photos of it.

So, we call it 'MyZeil'. It's a shopping mall in a city center of Frankfurt, Germany. It designed by a Roman architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Based on Wikipedia, i read that this shopping center has six floors with a longest escalators in Europe (46m).. WOW!

Here are the photos.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Kesempatan berharga banget liburan semester kemarin bisa jalan2 ke Holland dan kebetulan dari dulu gw mau ke sana mumpung ada sepupu yg tinggal di sana. 
Awal maret kemarin kita akhirnya bisa pergi saat weekend ke Holland. Kita kunjungin 4 kota dalam 3 hari itu, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Vollendam, dan Den Haag.

Day 1:
Hari pertama kita kunjungi dan bermalam di Rotterdam, dan di sana kita jalan2 malam hari, nyobain kue cubit ala Belanda yg namanya Poffertjes.
Poffertjes (Photo by: Alissa)
Celia and i while waiting for Poffertjes (Photo by: Alissa)

Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam

Friday, January 18, 2013

Venice, Italy

Berlanjut dr post sebelumnya... we went to Venice! Klo anak2 jaman sekarang demennya kan planking ya, klo gw sih uda cukup seneng klo dah bisa liat view realistisnya dengan mata sendiri. Hihihi.
Sepanjang perjalanan kita bener2 jalan kaki. Dari yang semangat sampe yang kecapean, tapi tetep excited foto2 dimanapun. Sayangnya kita ga nyebrang ke Murano, jadi ga liat tempat pembuatan kacanya deh.

Gondola cantik di kanal nan hijauuu (Photo by me)

Arsitektur yang menarik banget (jendelanya doong.... uuh keren plus balkon kecil) (Photo by me)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Dobratsch, Austria ..white christmas..

Natalan kemarin, kita di area Naturpark Dobratsch, Villacher Alpenstrasse.. (alpen di Villach, Austria yuhuuwww), yang jelas di sana dinginnya ya ampooonnnn gila2an, jari2 klo ga pake sarung tangan serasa mau putus kali yak. Anginnya gede ajeee, kalo ga pegangan bisa terbang rasanya kebawa angin, saljunya juga bertumpuk dimana2, yeay we've got our White Christmas at that time!
Christmas tree on the table

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Munich = München

Banyak yang tau tentang München atau dalam bahasa Inggrisnya disebut Munich mungkin karena dari adanya Football Team Bayern München. Ya! Liburan natal kemarin gw sempet transit sementara ke München sebelum akhirnya mendaratkan diri ke belahan negara tetangga :)

Logo football team
Di sini gw bersama teman2 lainnya transit sementara untuk lunch. Muter2 nyari parkiran di kota ini kayaknya sulit banget deh, trus orang juga bertebaran di mana2 (maklum anak desa masuk kota jd panik begini liat orang seliweran kiri kanan nyebrang di mana2).
Kita makan siang di Donisl yang letaknya deket banget sama Rathaus atau yang lebih dikenal mungkin dalam bahasa inggrisnya tuh City Hall kali yaa..
Rathaus Munich (Photo: Alissa)