Friday, October 4, 2013


One beatiful city in Germany i visited yesterday was Tübingen.
Just look at these pictures i took.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Laptop Softcase

Hey all.... finally, after 3 months i didn't have laptop, now i get my new laptop and the thing i wanna share is about my laptop softcase.
I worked as a part timer at the boutique which sell the clothing products from Spain and Italy such as these brands:

So, my last day worked at that place, i just bought a new laptop for my self and the day before i talked to my friend about the laptop softcase that i need right now. I wanted to buy it, but i need to save my money for something more important. Short story, i looked at the stock at that boutique and i saw this softcase. I asked my boss if She wants to sell it, and she said it's a gift aaaannndd.. she said i can get one of them! Woooww :D God really hears me the night before and He gave the gift at the right time for me. I'm so happy. Even i can feel my happiness until today.
Thanks to my boss and my colleague who really kind to me these months.

If you are in Kaiserslautern, come and see more clothing products at this boutique.