Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[COVER] Price Tag

Again... singing mood. Actually we have recorded this song a few weeks ago, but just uploaded now :) Photo by Satria, Video by Kristanto.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Forget You Cover

Seems since last week, my mood of singing is really good. Now i record this pretty song, and also introducing my new MIC! Hurraayyyy, finally i bought this. ENJOYYYY

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cover Song 'LUCKY" and "Price Tag"

Yuhuww, if you never know, i tell you now.. i love singing! Seems now covering songs is so popular especially on Youtube, so i decided to make some cover songs too. This week my mood to sing was too good, so i made some cover song. One song i did it with my new collab partner who live in Canada. He is Indonesian but now he live in Canada. We did it through the internet and here it is... our collab song was "Lucky", you can see it on my youtube here...

The last one which i made was the song "PRICE TAG" by JESSIE J. This song is really nice and im really enjoy to sing this song. My new Friend in Kaiserslautern is really a great guitarist! He play it perfectly. First we just wanna do it for fun, but then after we record it (which was only one take and less then an hour incl preparation), we think we should make a video for this song. Hm... but maybe next weekend :) so, wait and see. I'll post it again when we've finished with the video.

If you wanna hear the song, you can even download it here...