Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well, this is my first time writing on blog. I have new blog now! Yeay....

I think it's good enough to write here, even though my english is now worst then before, but i try to write it in english. Sometimes in Indonesian too and also in German.

i will write my life story here (don't worry, it wouldn't be like girl's diary, but more into general life story in germany whicah maybe could be the information for you guys). For example i'll write about the city, transport, eating, university, supermarket, etc.

I know im newbie bout Germany, but i think it will be better to know another's country then only know our own country. Learn how they live and talk to each other, know some food and culture here. I want my life here to be one of my great experience in my life. So, i want to share with all of you too :)

One question from me, is it better to write it in English or Indonesian?

That's all for introduction, and hope you enjoy the story
Have a nice day