Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MyZeil Frankfurt, Germany

The first time i came here, it was just amazing. I didn't plan to find this building, but my friend and i just wanted to find a shopping center and we called it 'Primark' (i know some of you know this). On our way to that place, i saw this awesome building and i remembered that my friend has posted a photo of this building long time ago (he is an architect though). And now, i already went into this building. It's so beautiful. We went there on Sunday, so there's quite empty there, and i think that's the perfect time to enjoy the architecture and made some photos of it.

So, we call it 'MyZeil'. It's a shopping mall in a city center of Frankfurt, Germany. It designed by a Roman architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Based on Wikipedia, i read that this shopping center has six floors with a longest escalators in Europe (46m).. WOW!

Here are the photos.